Founded in 1983 by Geoff Feltner, The Feltner Group is a family-owned, client focused insurance agency.

Over the years we’ve grown to specialize in several niche categories of insurance, including the craft beer industry.

Our Team

Peter Feltner
Agency Principal

Peter first became familiar with the craft beer scene during his time in college in New Hampshire, as Red Hook and Smuttynose had established themselves there in the mid-90’s. Working in and around the bar/restaurant industry as a server and bartender allowed Peter to try new and different beers.

A move to Colorado, where he stayed involved in the hospitality business (and where the beer scene was taking off), accelerated Peter’s passion for craft.

He’s excited to see the industry’s ongoing growth and be part of it from the insurance side. As the agency evolves from where it was when his father Geoff started it in 1983, Peter has made it a point to bring on carriers with specific craft programs. He wants the agency to be able to offer the best products to the craft brewers of New York and beyond.

Scott Newburge
Agency Producer

While at Syracuse University for his undergraduate degree in sports broadcasting, Scott was lucky enough to bus tables at Empire Brewing Company. There he was introduced to a world-class hefeweizen … and the rest was history.

Scott spent a fair amount of time exploring wine and bourbon (the latter during a 3.5-year sojourn in Lexington, KY), but came back to craft beer a few years ago. And he came back with a vengeance, learning all he could about proper cellaring of high ABV beers, gaining a deeper understanding of the brewing process, and seeking out breweries and bottle shops on every road trip for work or with family.

While Scott decided not to become a home brewer and focus on craft beer insurance instead (he wants to stay married to his lovely wife of 12+ years), bottle shares have been known to regularly break out in the family kitchen, on the deck, or in front of a ball game.

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