Feltner Brew creates hand-crafted brewery insurance policies for craft brewers like you.
So you can focus on what’s important: making great craft beer.


The team at Feltner Brew has a personal affection for craft beer, so creating custom insurance policies comes naturally.


The Feltner Group has been serving the greater Rochester, NY, community and beyond for more than three decades.


Our combined experience and passion means we create and serve the best custom brewery insurance possible.

We Are Open

8:30 AM to 5 PM

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…But we know part of unmatched customer service means being available whenever you want us. Short of say, 11pm-7am when we might be sleeping a little, shoot us a text and we’ll definitely hit ‘ya back.


Allow yourself more time, energy, and inspiration to make incredible brews

What can we say, we love beer. But, not just any beer. We love beer with flavor, with flair, with attitude and pizazz. We love beer of all styles from all over the world. We are proud craft junkies—something our refrigerators and cellar collections will undoubtedly attest to.

We also applaud the entrepreneurial spirit of the craft industry. Your never-ending creativity, passion, and supportiveness of each other are incredible traits that continue to drive the business forward. In short, you deserve the best and most committed the insurance industry has to offer. At Feltner Brew, we would relish the opportunity to earn your trust and partnership.

We look at things a little differently

Being insurance people (not just craft beer nerds) means we look at things a little differently when we walk into a brewery. We see the forklift operator offloading a grain delivery and wonder if he’s been properly trained. We see those bags of grain being lifted improperly and know there’s a back injury and a worker’s comp claim about to take place. We wonder if you’re batch coding and what your product recall plan is… or if burns are being prevented by using proper safety equipment, including protective glasses, gloves, long sleeves and proper boots.

Our belief

We believe that if you let us take care of risk assessment, risk management, loss control, and a proper protection plan (your policy), you can apply more energy and inspiration to making incredible brews.

After making we’ve put the right prevention and protective measures in place, it will make it all the more enjoyable for us to raise a tulip glass of your double dry hopped New England style IPA, your brown ale with locally roasted coffee, your barrel-aged barleywine, your pineapple and mango gose…

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Don’t have the time to call us because you’re too swamped with other projects/real life? We’re not surprised. Drop us an online request and we’ll reach out no later than the next business day to schedule a time to talk—before or after “traditional working hours” if that’s what’s convenient for you.

We are open 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

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