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Get A Look At Those Cans!

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Okay, perhaps not the classiest way to get your attention. But marketing will sometimes stoop to levels unknown to attract a crowd. Which leads us to the idea of brands and how yours is reflected in your packaging. Having spent significant time in marketing before finding our way to insurance, identifying your brand is a critical first step to success (after making killer beer of course).

While we have no intention of launching into an in-depth strategy session or lecture on branding, it is imperative that breweries realize how important this issue is–particularly when it comes to your cans/bottle art and design. Your beer may be stellar, but if the label was designed on a Lite Brite by your 7-year old daughter and then printed using dot-matrix “technology”, you’ll get passed by in the cooler all too often.

We thought the article here did a terrific job summarizing this key issue. And while we know your brewery likely doesn’t have a champagne and caviar budget for design, not doing it well may cost you more than you realize.